Following Referrals to a Great Estate Planner

Senior couple talking with financial advisor

Estate planning is one of the important financial activities most people struggle with, especially when it comes to hiring an attorney. If you know what makes a good estate attorney, you will not struggle to determine whether the ones you will be referred to will be the best to work with. Read on for some top tips that will help you find a good estate planning attorney in your city. Click here for more information about estate planning.

Your Financial Adviser Can Refer You to a Good Attorney

One of the best professionals that can advise you about estate planning is your financial adviser. The financial planner may also know of good estate lawyers that can help you with the matter.

Estate planning is a crucial part of financial planning that all advisors know about. This is why most financial advisors have a list of estate attorneys that they refer different clients to based on their requirements. If you haven’t yet discussed estate planning with your financial advisor, it’s time to have the discussion. You can also ask the advisor about the attorney that he/she used for estate planning. Do not be surprised to find out that the financial advisor’s attorney may also be right for you.

Your Accountant Can Refer You to a Good Attorney

Estate planning involves various financial aspects such as income tax issues. For this reason, most estate attorneys turn to accountant to help them in these areas. Therefore, you should get in touch with some local accountants and find out whether they know of good estate attorneys. The accountants can refer you to estate lawyers that have a great reputation in your city. Visit the official site for more information about estate planning

Estate attorneys also work with accountants on different financial areas related to estate planning. Trusted accounts usually know the family and financial situation of their clients and in most cases, will bring in an attorney to help with estate planning.

Find Out From Other Lawyers Who Are the Best Estate Attorneys in Town

There are various situations that may have made it necessary for you to work with an attorney in the past. For example, if you have started a business, you may have contacted an attorney to help you with the legal setup of the type of company you are running. Generally, the legal industry in most cities is tightly-knit. You won’t come across an attorney that doesn’t know another lawyer specialized in a different field. Chances are that an attorney you have worked with in the past knows an estate attorney that can help you. If you know of any lawyer, find out whether he/she can recommend a good estate attorney. You need to research well to find the right estate planning attorney. Find out more information about estate planning


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